Genshin Impact version 3.7 bringing a new update!

Genshin Impact version 3.7

PlayStation tweeted “Genshin Impact version 3.7 expands the variety of Genius Invokation cards, game modes, and introduces its first King of Invocations Grand Prix, live May 24.”

The “King of Invocations Grand Prix” main event, more than 60 all-new TCG cards, and the new playable four-star character Kirara will all be included in the most recent release.

The “King of Invokation Grand Prix” draws lots of guests to its sites and festivities across Teyvat as a worldwide TCG event, including card gamers, tourists, and even a reporter from Fontaine. Players can go along with Charlotte as she looks into an odd mystery there while covering the competition for the prestigious publication The Steambird. They will run upon individuals from various nations who play important roles in the event’s plot along the route. 

No matter if you play TCG or not, the events The Adventurers’ Guild has planned will be enjoyable for everyone. The “Zero Hour Invokation” unofficial competition is open to card players of all skill levels who want to combat with certain cards. Two mini-games that feature Genius Invokation TCG aspects are “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” and “Heart of the Dice,” which visitors who are interested in Genius Invokation can also test out. 

In the first, players must repair card pictures from complicated and disorganized mechanics and gears, whereas, in the latter, participants must engage in combat while collecting Elemental Dice at random to use special powers. If you just want to play for fun, “A Tour of Wonders” is a fantastic choice. You can sign up for an enemy-clearing or sightseeing Parkour tour and gather commemorative stamps at the checkpoints to trade for rewards. 

Players can earn Invocation Coupons by completing the aforementioned activities in order to obtain rewards, such as the free 4-star bow “Ibis Piercer,” for free. In addition, a number of challenges will be included that will test the players’ combat skills and creativity. In “Feast of the Departed Warriors,” players must confront three powerful foes; in “Fayz Trails: Hypothesis,” they must engage in combat where time stands still; and in “Divine Ingenuity.

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