10 Definite Games For Meta Quest 2 To Play In 2023 By Mission VR: Watch

Games For Meta Quest

Games For Meta Quest 2

Mission VR has recently revealed a review of Oculus Quest Top 2 games. There are many VR games, some of which may be different from what you consider the best VR game, but most have hit many gamers, as the best has been included here. You can also share with Mission VR games for meta quest 2 you think he might have yet to put on this list since there are several games to choose from.

10. The Walking Dead Saints And Sinners

The walking dead take the number 10 in the games for meta quest 2

because the Saints and Sinners chapter 2 is coming on December 1st, which is amazing. The first Walking Dead game also didn’t disappoint. One thing, chapter two will only require you to have played chapter one to qualify for it. The walking dead franchise has done really good work on the VR games, and chances are that these games will climb the ladder next year.

9. Until You Fall

This is one of the best sword-fighting RPG types of games for meta quest 2 that are out there for VR. The replay value, the music, and the combat stand out in this game, which feels fluid, with plenty of weapons options to choose from. The levels are amazing, and you can set the weapon functions to what suits you best. The developers may need to make the second one and add some dungeons to the games.

8. Red Matter 2

This is more than just a puzzle game; it is more of an adventure game with a decent story and some decent moments of combat with some amazing puzzles to it too. The graphics are just on top of this world, and if you combine this with the adventures in this game, it’s an experience you cannot forget.

7. Medal Of Honor

This game might not strike many as a top game, but this game hits differently. It may not be the real game you want with some bit of junkiness and disorienting cut scenes, but it is so much fun with incredible set pieces. It also has some pretty nice stories and adventures you will like in the games.

6. Contractors

This incredible PVP shooter game takes inspiration from Call Of Duty. It’s incredible as a standalone game with strong points in the modes like the modded Call Of Duty maps, modded Halo maps World War II, and a very solid game playing.

5. Bone Lab

This was a successor to bone works and made a lot of waves with mixed reactions from gamers. This boils down to what you like to do. Bone Lab will suit you better if you are a gamer who likes to create stories and do fun on VR in games like meta quest 2. The graphics are good, with pretty solid stories if you like story mode.

4. Blade And Sorcery

This game needs some imagination because there is no story in it. If you don’t enjoy a physics sandbox, this may not suit your kind of game. However, it may be ideal for you if you focus more on one style. It is very satisfying and fun to play with modes like the Star Wars mode and be able to wield a lightsaber in VR. This game will keep you glued because they have a continued update to what you have.

3. Into The Radius

Into the Radius is a survival shooter action game where you move out and do an open world where you can manage your inventory, you will be taking on anomalies around the globe. It has many things, like taking care of your weapons and organizing your backpack, making it realistic. This game looks good and runs well on Quest 2 with top-quality smoothness, and it’s just a solid game too.

2. After The Fall

This is among the best VR games, according to Mission VR. The gunplay is excellent, with fun levels and co-op mode. The game is captivating because it is challenging with rewards like the legendary disc. So much content is added to this game, making it even more fun. It falls in the Mission VR’s list of games for meta quest 2

1. Population One

This game tops Mission VR’s list of games for meta quest 2. It is a game in which you communicate in a team-squad-based effort to win a match. In the process, you also end up making friends in that type of environment. What’s great about this game is that you feel like competing in an athletic field, making it so different from just holding a controller. The overall competitiveness makes it the best PVP shooter on this list.

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Games For Meta Quest

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