September 24, 2023

GameCross Unveils PS Plus August 2023 Free Games – Fans Disappointed with Lackluster Lineup, Anticipation Builds for Big Granblue Fantasy Relink News

GameCross Unveils PS Plus August 2023 Free Games

In a jaw-dropping revelation yesterday, GameCross has unveiled the shocking PlayStation Plus essential catalog for August 2023, leaving fans furious with its underwhelming selection of free games. Meanwhile, the gaming community is excited as the highly anticipated Granblue Fantasy Relink gears up for a colossal announcement set to rock the industry!

The explosive video titled “PS Plus August 2023 Free Games Out Now, BIG Granblue Fantasy Relink News SOON + PS Stars August 2023” has sent shockwaves through the gaming world, as the monthly essential titles failed to meet the expectations of PlayStation Plus subscribers. With PGA Tour 2K 23 and Dreams headlining the lineup, the reaction from gamers has been nothing short of outrage.

Host of the GameCross channel, did not hold back his disappointment, exclaiming, “This has to be the most lackluster month ever! Dreams deserved better, and I can’t fathom why Sony didn’t add it to the catalog earlier.”

All eyes are now focused on the upcoming announcement for Granblue Fantasy Relink in the middle of the commotion caused by the PS Plus fiasco. Fans are anxiously awaiting a release date as the game, which has undergone a rollercoaster of development, is now approaching its finale. With reports suggesting an early 2024 debut, the anticipation is at an all-time high.

Gamecross speculates on the potential showdown: “With Granblue Fantasy Relink and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 possibly releasing around the same time, we’re in for an epic battle of the Titans!”

But the excitement of gaming doesn’t stop there! For August 2023, Sony has introduced a variety of intriguing campaigns and Collectibles in an effort to revive the PlayStation Stars program. Engaging in exhilarating co-op and shooter challenges will allow players to accumulate points and unlock digital goodies.

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