September 24, 2023

Firewall Ultra PSVR 2 Review: A Mixed Bag of Potential and Pitfalls

Firewall Ultra

Today, VR Oasis immersed us in the world of Firewall Ultra, a game that had VR enthusiasts waiting impatiently for its debut. This much-awaited game, a remastered edition of the famous PSVR game Firewall Zero Hour, promises a visual makeover and the incorporation of new PSVR 2 technologies. But does it meet the standards? Let’s get started with the review.

Visual Marvels and Technical Flaws

Thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5 and improved visuals, Firewall Ultra turns out to be a visual masterpiece. The game’s universe is brought to life by its polished maps and minute details, which are set against a nighttime background. Players must decide whether to hide in the shadows or take a chance on exposure by using a flashlight, which opens up strategic gaming possibilities. Although the PSVR 2 version of the game is brilliant, the PS5’s social screen’s poor performance detracts from its overall attractiveness.

Gameplay Dynamics

Contracts and X-Fill were the two separate game types that Firewall Ultra initially featured. Both of which could be played in both public and private matches. Players compete in a 4v4 PVP mode called Contracts where one team searches for laptops to hack while the other team guards them. The X-Fill mode pits four players against tough AI foes in a cooperative endeavor. While the tactical tempo of the game makes for thrilling shootouts, the unusual weapon handling system is a big obstacle. The awkward aim-down-sights technique makes playing the game less entertaining, which is made worse by sporadic alignment problems and technical difficulties.

Innovative Integrations and Immersion Breakers

Firewall Ultra integrates various cutting-edge technologies despite its shortcomings. It is admirable how the PSVR 2 used eye tracking technology to zoom in on things and reduce flashbang effects. The game falls short, however, in offering immersive interactions. The sensation of virtual embodiment is hampered by the lack of actual interactions for acts like opening doors, recovering colleagues, and firing grenades. The game’s dependence on menu navigation and button pushes for these tasks creates a disconnect from the possibilities of VR.

Matchmaking Woes and Progression Grind

While First Contact Entertainment tried to improve Ultra’s matching, gamers had to endure long wait times. The lack of a ready-up button lengthens the break between games, ignoring the time spent by the participants. Players hunger for substantial rewards as a result of the advancement system, which is tethered to an agonizingly long XP grind. This problem is made worse by the advent of microtransactions that give gaming benefits, which tilts the playing field.

A Precarious Balance

Firewall Ultra for PSVR 2 is a testimony to the advantages and disadvantages of VR gaming. The game has compelling aesthetics and tactical interactions, but the experience is marred by its clumsy mechanisms, lack of interaction, and tedious growth. Frustration among players is only increased by the development team’s ineffective communication. Although the groundwork for a great game is already in place, its present status makes its future profitability uncertain. It will be interesting to see whether First Contact Entertainment can fix these problems and make Firewall Ultra a polished VR diamond.

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