Extreme Battles in Street Fighter 6

Extreme Battles in Street Fighter 6

PlayStation tweeted  “Street Fighter 6’s Extreme Battles employ special gimmicks to produce some incredibly bizarre matchups”.Capcom released the PlayStation Street Fighter 6 demo to the general public on Thursday night, giving the Street Fighter 6 fanbase a little preview of what will be available on June 2.

Extreme Battle, a mode in which win and combat conditions are changed by gimmicks like a rampaging bull that charges across the stage every few seconds, is sampled in this demo. Desk, a creative combo legend, has developed a number of intriguing strategies for using said bull to inflict maximum harm on opponents. Launch into a conventional jump-in combo, but the time it perfectly so that your opponent is still stunned by the blow when the EB bull comes tearing through. 

This will allow you to prolong your four-hitter to nearly twice as long as the barreling bovine pops your opponent up for more juggling. Most of us would feel satisfied if we were able to accomplish just that. Still, Desk is someone who likes to take things to the next level and continues demonstrating increasingly powerful and inventive combos for another two and a half minutes.

Adding Ryu’s EX Donkey Kick (which generates a wall bounce) and other chaotic aspects like Drive Impact and Drive Rush create sequences that can last up to 21 hits. Furthermore, by hitting the bull at the proper moment as it is charging, you can actually make it stop and turn around. By doing this, you may make the bull strike your adversary more than once, which Desk uses to his advantage.

We are unfortunately unable to monitor how much damage each knockdown causes because this mode doesn’t keep track of health. Instead, wins are determined by the total number of knockdowns. Despite this, it’s still a lot of fun to watch Desk use his creativity to come up with the beatdowns he performs. Watch the video, and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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