How Do I Create NFT Game and Make Money? Plan In 19 Days

The internet has opened up a lot of possibilities for creators. Not only can they use the internet to promote their work and build an audience. But they can also sell it directly to consumers in a way that was impossible before. And so you’ve got the opportunity to create NFT game of your very own. With the rise of NFTs, creators can make money from the sale of digital assets.

You can plan to create NFT game within a couple of days through popular platforms viz. Binance, Rarible, and Moralis. Some are mentioned on the Day 7 of the explanation.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a unique, secure way to record that a piece of digital art or other asset belongs to you, and it’s stored on the blockchain (a decentralized network maintained by many different computers around the world).

NFTs are most commonly associated with collectible art, but they don’t have to be. You can create any digital asset and sell it as an NFT. Some artists have created paintings in virtual reality using Tilt Brush and sold them as NFTs. You could create games or animations and sell those as NFTs. Here’s how to get started creating NFTs:

Day 1: To Create NFT Game, Think about the game type

NFTs are not just a way to make money, but they’re also fun, especially when you create something as cool as video art or games. And before you think that’s beyond your skillset, remember that you can fast-track a lot of the work by creating a simple game using an online creator like Buildbox.

What kind of game should you create? Well, for simplicity and because it will help you sell more NFTs in the future, I recommend making something with many screens. You can then package these screens as separate NFTs and sell them individually.

Day 3: Come up with the design concept

The next step is to come up with the design concept. You can’t exactly copy someone else’s work, even if you’re using a similar style. The content or message must also be unique. You can use other people’s images, but make sure they have a creative commons license so that you won’t have any copyright issues. You can also be inspired by other people’s works, such as paintings and sculptures, but don’t copy them as it is against the law. Please take a picture of a flower and put your twist on it. You can use filters or any software program you like.

Choose between a Web app and a Mobile app

The web app is the easiest to use for creating your own NFT art. Just go to the website and click “Make NFT”. The mobile app is more advanced and powerful. It lets you create games and other interactive experiences while supporting all of the 3D models and editing forms available in the web app.

Etherpixel is a website that allows users to create, collect, sell and trade pixel art. Etherpixel runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Etherpixel has two parts: a web app and a mobile app. The web app can be accessed from any modern browser on any desktop, laptop, or tablet. It runs entirely in the browser, and no software needs to be installed by the user. It’s free to use and requires no sign-up.

 Day 5: Buy some cryptocurrency to fund your wallet in the future

A cryptocurrency is an online form of money in its decentralized digital environment. You’ll need to buy some cryptocurrency to fund your wallet, which will allow you to create your account and add funds to it. One of the most accessible cryptocurrencies to use is Ethereum. You can buy Ethereum using Coinbase, which allows you to purchase ETH using your credit card or bank account. You can also use one of the many exchanges that will enable you to trade for ETH using Bitcoin (BTC).

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that use blockchain technology to track transactions through a network of computers. They can be used as an alternative currency to buy goods and services, but many people buy them as an investment, hoping that the value is pushed up because others want them in the future.

Day 7: Create NFT Game Of Yours

The process varies depending on the platform you choose, but most will guide you through the steps of creating an NFT. For example, Rarible offers a visual editor where you can upload images and videos and add text descriptions and tags so people can find them by searching for keywords. Once uploaded and saved, all of this information becomes part of the blockchain forever!

Find Your Creative Software

Once you know what platform you’ll use, you can choose the video or animation software that will help you create your art. You may already have a program like Adobe Premiere, or Photoshop installed on your computer. Others can be downloaded from various creators on the web.

Popular Platforms To Create & Launch Your NFT Games

However, for creating an NFT Game, you’ll need more advanced platforms to put your creativity to be applied in the metaverse. Here are some:

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Collectibles Protocol

The next step would be choosing the platform where artists can create and sell their works as NFTs, and users can buy and use them. OpenSea is one of the first marketplaces supporting ERC-721 tokens, but many others too, including Rarible, Mintable, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, etc.

Day 17: Choose the right techstack

The first thing to know about NFTs is that they are created in a single transaction on a blockchain. The exact details of how they work can vary between blockchains and tokens. For example, Ethereum has a standard called ERC-721, which defines how an NFT works. Many other tokens use this same method, but some have differences or even standards.

In addition to the token itself being on the blockchain, the data for each token also needs to be stored somewhere. This is so that your front-end web application or game can easily retrieve information about it without needing to make a separate database call for every token you want to show. The most common way to store this data is using IPFS, a decentralized file storage network. You can think of IPFS like BitTorrent, where files are broken into pieces and spread across many different computers (peers).

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standard

This step would be choosing the standard for your NFTs. Many standards are available for this, but we would recommend using ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain for video art.

Day 19: Find a platform for selling your NFTs

To create an NFT, you’ll need to use one platform that offers this service. Most allow you to choose from several options to make your NFT, including uploading an image or video file, creating it in their editor, or even linking to social media content like a tweet or GIF. Art galleries accept submissions from artists who want to sell their work as NFTs on SuperRare and KnownOrigin.

(A) Find a Marketplace

The first step is to identify the marketplace where you want to list your NFT. There are dozens of available marketplaces, and they all have their own rules and requirements. Some of the most popular platforms include OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, and Opensea.

Or the ones already mentioned in Day 7.

(B) The Same Day: Create a digital wallet to pay for your NFT

If you’re creative, you can create your video art or games and turn them into NFTs. To sell an NFT on Rarible, you need to set up a digital wallet that will store the cryptocurrency you receive from buyers. To create a digital wallet, go to and set up an account. Click the “portfolio” tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then select “Ethereum (ETH).” When your ETH wallet is created, click “receive” to get your public wallet address. This is a long string of letters and numbers that will be used to transfer money into your account.

(C) Connect your wallet to an NFT platform

Once you have your wallet set up, the next step is to connect it with an NFT platform that supports your chosen cryptocurrency. Mintable has become a popular platform for creating NFTs by artists; it runs on Ethereum’s blockchain and supports several types of cryptocurrencies, including Ether (ETH), BTC, and DAI. You can connect your Coinbase wallet with Mintable using Metamask, another online tool for storing cryptocurrency (you’ll need to download Metamask first).

(D) Add some cryptocurrency to your wallet

To create NFT game and launch it in the marketplace, you might need some cryptocurrencies for gas fees. There are some platforms offering free minting services. However, most of them aren’t free.

If you’re an artist who would like to create a piece of art for an NFT, the first step is to find or create a wallet that can hold the cryptocurrency you’d like to accept. There are many wallets available online, but one of the most straightforward solutions is to use Coinbase. Coinbase is an online platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrency. Click here to sign up for Coinbase and start making your wallet.

(E) Upload the file you want to turn into an NFT

Before you can auction off your digital art or game on a marketplace, you’ll need to turn it into an NFT. There are many ways to do this. For example, if you’re an artist and have a JPEG of your work, you can upload it to a site like Mintable and create an NFT in just a few minutes. If you’re trying to sell something more significant, like a video file, using the website Rarible may be more convenient. If you don’t yet have an Ethereum wallet, Rarible will help you set one up at no charge and guide you through the process of creating your first NFT.

 (F) Add a description to sell your NFT

If you’re selling visual content, the title should be descriptive enough for someone to understand what they’re buying. The description is where you add information about the artwork. Add as much as you think is needed for someone to make an informed purchase decision.

 (G) Set The Price Of Your NFT Game

The pricing relies on the type and quality of the game you created. This also includes the accessibility, UX, and demand it’s gonna generate in the gaming market. Overall, the price is anything that you set in the form of Eth which is simultaneously converted in USD dollars.

(H) Set up an auction for your NFT

You can use smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain to create auctions, although this requires a basic understanding of coding. If you don’t want to code, you can use a platform that lets you develop auctions without writing any code. OpenSea is one such platform that allows users to trade their NFTs for ETH or other cryptocurrencies. Create an account with OpenSea and add your item for sale (you’ll need your MetaMask wallet). You can do that if you’d rather sell your NFT on a marketplace like Rarible or SuperRare. The process is pretty much the same; create an account with the platform of your choice, upload the image of the artwork or video, and get ready to sell it!

Conclusion On ‘How To Create NFT Game’:

In order to create NFT game for the very first time may sound like a tough job. If you’re completely from a different work background and don’t know anything about creativity, digital platforms, and so on. You may hire a professional or a company that could create NFT game for you. If your budget is tight, you can possibly hire a freelancer to get it done for you. But you need to be extra careful about the perfection and usability of the project.

The easiest way is to start trading or investing in the NFT games already created and available for auction.

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