September 24, 2023

MBG Presents: Everything We Know About PlayStation’s Next Big FPS Concord


Today, MBG dives into the realm of PlayStation’s latest venture into the First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre. After an extended hiatus from AAA FPS titles, Sony is now making a resounding return with Concord. MBG delves deep into this long-anticipated development, unpacking its origins, studio details, and the tantalizing prospects it holds.

For years, PlayStation loyalists have eagerly awaited Sony’s return to the FPS arena, a space they once dominated with titles like Killzone and Resistance. It has been an arduous wait since the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall at the inception of the PlayStation 4 era. The thirst for quality FPS experiences on PlayStation has grown stronger over time, prompting fans to yearn for Sony’s re-entry.

The upcoming game, Concord, emerges as the beacon of hope for these avid gamers. Developed by the newly formed studio Firewalk, an internal PlayStation Studio, this game carries immense promise. Comprising veteran developers with pedigrees in iconic franchises like Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends, Firewalk wields unparalleled expertise. This potent combination caught Sony’s attention, leading to their decision to not just support but acquire Firewalk as a first-party studio.

However, details about Concord have been meticulously guarded, leaving fans intrigued and hungry for more. Even its initial reveal trailer, a mere 30-second CGI teaser, left many perplexed. While not explicitly showcasing its FPS nature, the trailer hinted at an immersive sci-fi universe. MBG probes this enigmatic game, dissecting the studio’s history and the clues that hint at Concord’s potential.

The PlayStation Blog provides a glimpse into the vibrant world of Concord, set to launch in 2024 on both PS5 and PC. According to Ryan Ellis, the Game Director, it seeks to forge connections and inspire social play. With an innovative approach to storytelling and a commitment to high-quality gameplay, Firewalk aims to redefine the multiplayer experience. The promise of unexpected moments and shared adventures sets the tone for Concord’s unique universe and diverse cast of characters.

The acquisition of Firewalk Studios and the game’s intriguing premise have drawn the praise of Hermann Holst, Head of PlayStation Studios. Holst’s endorsement of the studio’s connected storytelling and dedication to excellence speaks volumes about Concord’s potential impact on the gaming landscape.

While the absence of gameplay footage hampers the excitement surrounding Concord’s impending arrival, the rich legacy of Firewalk’s developers and PlayStation’s investment signal a promising future. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of this upcoming new gameplay, MBG’s analysis highlights the potential and mystery surrounding this highly anticipated AAA FPS venture.

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