What Happens When Completing the Teal Mask Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Completing the Teal Mask Pokedex

In the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers are constantly on a quest to catch ’em all. With the release of the Teal Mask DLC, completing the Pokedex becomes an exciting achievement. But what exactly happens when you reach this milestone? In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps and rewards of completing the Teal Mask Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Step 1: Capture 200 Pokemon

To begin your journey toward completing the Teal Mask Pokedex, you must capture a total of 200 different Pokemon. This means expanding your collection, exploring new areas, and encountering various species across the Kitakami region.

Step 2: Observe 200 Pokemon

Capturing Pokemon is only part of the process. You also need to observe 200 unique Pokemon that are available in the Teal Mask DLC. This requires careful exploration and interaction with the diverse Pokemon population in the Kitakami region.

Step 3: Unlock Battle Pass Rewards

As you progress in your quest to complete the Pokedex, you’ll unlock a series of free Battle Pass rewards. These rewards consist of random items that can prove to be valuable in your adventures. Keep an eye on these rewards as they become available.

Step 4: Congratulations on Completing the Pokedex

Once you’ve successfully captured and observed 200 Pokemon, a special screen will pop up to congratulate you on completing the Teal Mask Pokedex. This is a momentous achievement in your journey as a Pokemon trainer.

Step 5: Reward from a Certain Man

After the celebration, head over to the community center in Kitakami and cross the bridge. There, you’ll find a certain man who will reward you for your accomplishment. This reward has been highly anticipated, and while there was speculation based on data mines, the exact nature of the reward remained a mystery.

Step 6: The Glimmering Charm

The reward you receive from this man is the “Glimmering Charm,” a limited-edition souvenir from Kitakami Hall. This charm serves a unique purpose—it increases the number of Terra Shards you receive from Terra battles. It can be a valuable tool in your continued adventures in the Kitakami region.

Step 7: Special Diploma

In addition to the Glimmering Charm, you’ll also receive a special diploma to commemorate your achievement. This diploma, created with the assistance of Director Clavel, showcases your completion of the Teal Mask Pokedex. It’s a beautiful memento of your journey as a Pokemon trainer.

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Completing the Teal Mask Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a significant accomplishment that rewards you with valuable items and a commemorative diploma. While you may not receive a new Pokemon, the Glimmering Charm, and diploma are tokens of your dedication and success in exploring the Kitakami region and capturing its diverse Pokemon population. So, gear up, complete that Pokedex, and continue your adventure as a Pokemon trainer in this exciting DLC.

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