September 24, 2023

What to Consider Before Buying Moonbirds NFT?

In 2021, Non-fungible tokens grabbed the headlines when they sold for a tremendous amount on the blockchain. It is one of the most noticeable developments in the past year. The NFTs include the digital arts and virtual collectibles. It includes music, new gaming formats, memes, and virtual lands. NFT can be purchased and sold by using cryptocurrency. Now, what to consider before buying Moonbirds NFT?

Recently, Moonbirds NFT has become so famous within a few days of its launch in the NFT marketplace. It caught the attention of the digital community like no tomorrow trading for 100,000 ETH within six days of launch.

In the previous year, the sale of NFT fluctuated significantly. According to the report the highest sale was seen in the middle of August in the previous year, 109.1 thousand. The year 2022 has shown a low trend in the market.

However, the NFT has become so famous in a few years. Everyone is investing to buy these digital arts. Celebrities and sports are investing and buying the NFTs. Their fame touched the sky when Beeple sold his art  “Everyday: The First 5000 Days,” the college portrait of his 5000 arts of everyday series.

Let’s get into some more exciting info about Buying Moonbirds NFT, and its succession:

What are Moonbirds NFTs?

Moonbirds is another entrant among blue-chip NFT projects. It gained the attention of the NFT community. It also ranked among popular and successful NFT collections such as CryptoPunk and the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Moonbirds is the collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens with unique attributes. It is named Moonbirds because it features 10,000 unique owls. You can differentiate between Moonbird’s arts based on their attributes and visual appeal. On 16th April 2022, it was released under the standard of ERC-721 on Ethereum’s network. After its release, it gained so much from the media and celebrities. These NFTs sold out quickly and made millions in trading. Actors like Jimmy Falcon invest in it.

According to the official website, “The collection is PFPs with a large and diverse pool of rarity-powered attributes.” In essence, the project seeks to become another blue-chip PFP venture, but it also offers other benefits to Moonbirds owners.

Who Created Moonbirds?

The organization that is involved in creating the Moonbirds NFT is PROOF. PROOF is a private community of 1000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. Beeple is also included in the PROOF community who benefits from holding the NFTs. The company is also behind PROOF Collective and Grails Projects. It is the foremost reason for the sudden popularity of Moonbirds NFT. Because the organization’s previous projects are successful in the NFT marketplace.

Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell created the organization. These both are well-known figures in NFT. They are behind the creation of Moonbird’s NFT collection. The reputation and expertise of the founders added more attention to the Moonbirds collection.

Kevin Rose is an entrepreneur and partner at True Ventures. True Venture is an investor in early-stage technology startups. At the same time, Justin Mezzell is the lead artist at Grim Syndicate. Rose uploaded a youtube video about making PROOF a reputable and well-known media company after the mint.

Why Do People Buy Moonbirds?

Moonbirds are more than an avatar. They are the hottest pieces in NFT arts. The team sold the arts for $300 million a week after the launch. The success is the involvement of PROOF Collectors and the interest of famous personalities like Beeple and Jimmy Falcon.

The other reason for buying Moonbirds is their interesting design. The project got massive attention through social media and its creators, which excited them tremendously. On Buying Moonbirds NFT, owners can get many other functionalities besides showing their NFT on social media accounts. The ownership of Moonbirds allows access to private membership clubs and provides other benefits for holding assets for a long period.

Owners can access community events, upcoming drops, and other advancements in a private club for further information.

Value of Moonbirds NFT Collection

Moonbirds NFT sold quickly at exceptionally high trading volume. The overall trading volume of Moonbird NFT surpasses any other NFT collection in the market. It traded for 100,000 ETH within six days of launch.

The initial mint price of Moonbirds NFT was 2.5 ETH or $7000. However, it raised to 100 ETH after a few days of release. The current mint price is 23 ETH at OpenSea (at writing).

At the launching time of Moonbirds NFTs, the website opens up a ruffle through which anyone can participate and mint at the time of launch. The Moonbirds website announces that any raffle winner has a chance to mint one Moonbirds for 2.5 ETH.

The high value of Moonbirds NFT is because for the following reasons.

  • It is created by PROOF Collectors, that have already launched successful projects in the NFT market.
  • The owner of NFT has access to upcoming plans PROOF Collectors like metaverse and codenamed Highrise.
  • The owner has complete ownership of properties associated with NFT
  • The owners can get benefit by locking their NFT, which is called Nesting

Nesting in Moonbirds NFT

Nesting is one of the main advantages of owning Moonbirds NFT. So, What is Nesting? Nesting is the process of holding up your Moonbirds NFT in your wallet for a certain period.

Nesting provides many benefits to the owners. You will get more rewards as long as you keep holding them. You will have access to PROOF Collector’s plans. Nested Moonbirds NFT will reach another tier with an upgraded nest while holding. At the new tier, NFTs have access to new rewards and drops. Nesting provides safety against phishing attacks.

However, you can not sell your Moonbirds NFT during the nesting. Your Moonbirds NFT can only reach a new tire while nesting.

Moonbirds NFTs Controversy

The launch of Moonbirds introduces a new phenomenon in the NFT world. But after the launch, Moonbirds came into a controversy. The main cause of controversy was the ruffle(discussed above). People claim that some users use bots. They manipulate the result of the raffle using the bots. The researcher pointed out that there was a use of 400 accounts to alter the result.

The PROOF Collectors guarantee for minting two birds’ NFT. But the developers reserved 125 NFTs from the collection. It increased the doubt of the community. People accused the developers of reserving Moonbirds NFTs with rare attributes that they would sell for high prices.

How Can I Buy Moonbirds NFTs?

Buying Moonbirds NFT is the same as other NFTs at OpenSea. To buy the bird NFTs, you need to attach your Ethereum wallet. The Ethereum wallet can be a Coinbase or MetaMask. You need to have funds in your wallet to make a purchase. Suppose you don’t have funds and want to purchase them. You can use in-built fiat to buy cryptocurrency. Now you can choose Moonbirds NFT at OpenSea and click on the buy button to add NFT to your wallet.

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