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best VR Games

best VR Games (Credit: Matteo)

Virtual reality (VR) was once a revolutionary technology that seemed out of reach of regular consumers. But thanks to advancements in the technological industry, VR is a common element of the gaming world now. To make it easier ‘Matteo’ has enlisted some amazing games of all time to be played with the Powerful VR headsets of surreal quality available for gamers to opt for.

Of course, with the availability of these headsets, the leading game developers are creating AAA-level VR games as well. 

If you’re interested in jumping into the magical game worlds through VR tech, let us tell you about the best VR games.

  1. Story-Driven Games:

Vader Immortal:

Vader Immortal has got to be one of the most compelling story-driven VR games. What could be better than engaging in fun battles and interacting with the beloved characters of the Star Wars franchise? Truly among the best VR games on our list!

Walking Dead Saints & Sinners:

This Walking Dead universe game is also among the best VR games that are story-driven and offer an engaging narrative to gamers. The fun combat and survival-based elements make this game a treat for all the zombie lovers out there!

  • Single-Player Shooter Game:

Resident Evil 4:

Resident Evil 4 is considered one of the greatest games ever made. The developers revamped it and created a campaign for VR as well. Though not as magical as the original third-person RE4, the VR version still holds strong and offers the players a fun experience within the Resident Evil universe!

  • Platformer:


When it comes to platformer fun, Moss is the first game that should be included in the list of the best VR games. With an exciting and deep story, fun gameplay mechanics, and an overall aesthetic look of the game world, Moss should definitely be played for a great VR experience.

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