September 24, 2023

8 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games 2023 You Shouldn’t Miss

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

Oculus Quest 2 Games [Photo Credit: Envato (Licensed)]

Your wait for the Best Oculus Quest 2 Games in 2023 is over. With heroic actions, adventure and multiple puzzles, your excitement in playing these VR games is going to be even high. Here are some best games for oculus quest 2 or say oculus quest 2 pc for the year 2023:

1. Behemoth

Skydance Interactive is releasing a sequel to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game called Chapter 2: Retribution 2023. In addition, the studio is working on a new VR game called Behemoth, which is described as an epic adventure where players fight against giant colossi in a battle for survival with elements of folk horror.

2. Pirates VR: Jolly Roger (By Split Ligh Studio)

With Pirates VR: Jolly Roger, Split Light Studio’s action-adventure game, they seem to be on the right route. As a pirate, you find yourself stranded on a Caribbean island that is full of mysteries and secrets just waiting to be solved. Just be aware of the challenges, conundrums, and traps that frequently accompany hidden wealth. The game appears to have a vast world, complete with a dense forest, climbable high cliffs, secret cave passageways, and mysterious oceanic depths.

You won’t be traveling alone because you’ll have a perceptive and humorous parrot companion with you. You’ll encounter some hostile Ghost and Zombie Pirates who have been banished to the island’s dungeons in addition to the two of you. Pirates VR: Jolly Roger appears overall good.

3. Ghostbusters: Rise Of The Ghost Lord

Sony has enlisted the help of VR studio nDreams, known for games such as Fracked and Phantom: Covert Ops, to create a new Ghostbusters VR game called Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord. This game will allow players to build their own headquarters and customize their character, as well as hunt for ghosts either alone or with other players. This follows the unsuccessful first VR adventure in the Ghostbusters franchise.

4. Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a first-person shooter set in the Crossfire universe that Smilegate released a trailer for. As you fight against AI evil guys, the game may be played either solo or in co-op mode with up to 4 players on a squad. According to the company, there are 39 different sorts of weaponry in the game, including pistols, rifles, throwable, and throwback grenades, and sniper rifles with ground-breaking scope features that enable you a variety of ways to eliminate 17 different enemy types.

5. The Walking Dead – Saints and Sinners (Chapter 2: Retribution)

Fans believe The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution to be the most eagerly awaited VR title. Players are taken to uncharted territories with a fresh foe as the first chapter’s narrative is continued. He will be the biggest threat to the series and is known as the Axeman. But the Tower’s threat is also there, and it seems the two are somehow related. In either case, the tale is filled with intrigue and ought to be a compelling new chapter in the series.

The game is the sequel to the acclaimed virtual reality role-playing game Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. The Saints and Sinners series, which is available in VR this time, is leading the charge in narrative-based decision-making games, much like the Telltale Walking Dead series. 

Obtainable for the PSVR 2 too. This will also stretch the capabilities of VR games. Thus, anticipate 2023 to be a fantastic year for VR.

6. Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

A VR adaptation of the popular independent game Hello Neighbor has been revealed by TinyBuild Games and Steel Wool Studios (Five Nights at Freddy’s), and it will be available cross-buy on PSVR and PSVR 2. According to tinyBuild, there is nothing more terrifying than actually seeing the recognised shadow tower over you moments before everything goes black. According to the website, “Mr. Peterson’s creepy mansion takes on a new level of immersion in VR.” From November 15 forward, Hello Neighbor: Pre-orders for Search and Rescue will be accepted.

7. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is the game you should play if you ever want to demonstrate the kinds of experiences virtual reality can actually offer. Even while Valve didn’t actually intend to sell a lot of copies of the game -which isn’t Half-Life 3 – it was made expressly for VR headsets.

Even if it may be specialized, it’s a fantastic illustration of how excellent VR gaming can be when time and development expertise is used. Christopher Livingston praised Half-Life: Alyx for its attention to detail, interaction, storytelling, setting, and more over on our affiliated website PC Gamer(opens in new tab).

You can play one of the best VR games ever made by connecting the Quest 2 to a gaming PC using the PC connection cable, even though it isn’t really a Quest 2 game because it isn’t available on the Oculus store. 

8. Resident Evil Village VR (Game Review & Cost 2023)

Get a glimpse over the Resident Evil Village Game Update right here.

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Expecting to see more of the Best Oculus Quest 2 Games coming in 2023. Keep checking out our VR and Web3-related game updates.

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