September 24, 2023

What Is Axie? And Why Is It So Popular In 2022?

There is nothing mysterious about the NFT gaming industry. There have been NFT-centric games since 2017, and the first of this genre is Cryptokitties. At the time, this genre didn’t gain a lot of traction.

Axie Infinity became popular due to the explosion in the popularity of NFTs and their mainstream success. The chart-topping Axie Infinity was introduced in 2018 without much fanfare.

What is Axie Infinity?

An online video game called AXIE Infinity is based on NFT. Sky Mavis developed the game, which utilizes Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies for its in-game economy. Axie uses the NFT token as its in-game currency. You can purchase items with this currency, and you can also purchase more during the game.

The gameplay revolves around collecting and battling adorable puffy critters known as Axies in Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is all about collecting creatures and breeding them. Breeding is also possible, but you’ll need a Smooth Love Potion. Axie Infinity only allows you to cross them seven times before they become sterile. Axie upgrades cost more if you cross the same Axie multiple times. In addition to winning battles, you can also obtain Smooth Love Potion by purchasing currency on the exchange. You can purchase Axies for real money and then sell them using this currency.

How Does Axie Infinity Work?

With Axie Infinity Shards, the developers and players are aligned in novel and exciting ways. The mechanisms described above are focused on two main goals. In the first place, players will be rewarded when interacting with Axie and encouraged to hold on to their tokens for additional rewards. Second, Axie will be decentralized in terms of ownership and governance.

What makes Axie so popular?

In June 2021, Axie Infinity experienced a sudden spike in popularity. In thirty days, nearly 780 million dollars in sales were generated by the game. Several players made money from the game. People play it because of the potential to earn money. Over the course of seven days in July 2021, Axie generated more fees than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The game is popular in developing countries because it is used to earn revenue. In markets like Vietnam, players generate significant revenue each day from their Axies. For some, the game provides an income to support their household expenses.

After Axie became popular, other companies and organizations began developing their own NFT games. The desire to attract attention led to the launch of several games on digital platforms, such as Axie. If you want to capture the success of Axie Infinity, you should review the history of its rise and emergence.


Axie’s popularity has been fueled by the allure of NFT games and the ownership they provide. Gaming as a career is now a viable option thanks to games like Axie, which could grow even bigger in the future.

By combining NFTs with blockchain, Axie unlocks the ability to have a complex player-owned economy, where players are rewarded for their skill. In the long run, players can earn resources worth a lot of money by investing time and skill. This is made possible by an open economy and other players’ demands. Axia pioneered Play-to-Earn games and is one of the masterminds behind GameFi, also known as Game Finance.

Take On NFT & Metaverse Games:

Metaverse games are considered the future of gaming. The primary activity and involvement in the game are all going to be virtual. The Web 3’s advanced technology is going to change the whole experience of playing games with real participants in the meta world. Especially, the 3D characters and rigged avatar will bring in the splendid and engaging adventure you would have ever imagined.

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