Apple’s Vision Pro Developer Labs Struggle to Draw US Devs; Mark Gurman Raises Concerns Over Limited Options

Apple's Vision Pro

In a surprising twist Yesterday, Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro developer labs are facing an unexpected challenge in the United States, as reports emerge of disappointingly low attendance among developers. The scenario was made public by renowned tech writer Mark Gurman, who revealed how difficult it is for these laboratories to get participants because Cupertino is the only city that engineers from around the country choose to call home.

While the Vision Pro developer labs are buzzing with enthusiasm in major global tech cities like London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo, the mood in the US is still depressing. Developers have expressed their displeasure, pointing out the lack of east coast sessions and the impracticality of traveling to Cupertino as major obstacles that have prevented many from taking advantage of this unique opportunity to test and optimize their apps on the ground-breaking Vision Pro headset.

Despite the upcoming public release of the Vision Pro in “early 2024,” according to Gurman’s research, many developers seem reluctant to start the testing process. The demand for the developer labs is anticipated to skyrocket as the launch date for the headgear approaches, sparking a spike in enthusiasm and active involvement.

Apple’s choice to restrict the developer labs to a single site in the US, according to critics, is a squandered opportunity since it undervalues the enormous potential of other tech-savvy areas like Austin and New York. Due of this restriction, there is increasing pressure on Apple to reconsider its approach and provide the US developer community equal access to the Vision Pro’s full capabilities.

Much depends on Apple’s ability to fix these issues and increase developer lab accessibility as the future of spatial computing hangs in the balance. The coveted Vision Pro development kits, which would enable them to test their applications remotely from their own locations, are highly awaited by developers.

With Mark Gurman’s astute research bringing these difficulties to light, it is now up to Apple to decide and give the Vision Pro developer labs fresh life. This turning point may open the door to immersive technology’s revolutionary and game-changing future.

Apple's Vision Pro

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