September 24, 2023

Apple VR AR Mixed Reality To Crush Meta Quest Market: Watch Release

Apple VR

Apple VR (Credit: Matt Talks Tech)

Apple VR is set to be released, but people do not know when exactly it will be released, nor do they know the price they will go for. Stay tuned as Matt has shared all those aspects in this video.

About The Apple Vr Headset

This VR at the moment is referenced as Apple Mixed reality, it is more to do with AR, and therefore, it can be called Apple Glasses. Reports hint that the Apple headset is coming closer with a special announcement in January 2023. Tim Cook himself hinted that we should be ready for more AR VR news with more emphasis on the new device that Apple has in store.

It is believed that the Apple VR will also have apps specifically tailored for the headset since it comes with its OS.

The Release Date

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the release of this product had been delayed until the end of 22 at the earliest. This meant the headset production was to be made in the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition, Bloomberg suggested that the headset would be released in 2022, followed by some smart glasses in 2023. However, most people see the release of smart glasses coming in 2024 or 2025.


When other popular VRs like the PlayStation  VR of the Oculus Quest 2 were released the product, they started their pricing between $300-$400; however, as the Apple tradition has always been, the Apple Vr will be more than these prices ranging around $1000 according to Ming-Chi Kuo. this is a lot, we all agree, but remember, when Apple decides to venture into a certain category of products, they do it better. They are the leader in the best smartphone, smartwatch, and tablets

Are you excited about Apple’s coming VR Headset? Will you invest in it on day one or wait for a while before you purchase it?

Apple VR Release Date and Price Stated

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