September 24, 2023

Apple Vision Pro headset is out now! Don’t miss it out

Apple Vision Pro

Apple tells “Apple Vision Pro, a new product category, will debut in the US next year.” We know its appearance, $3,499 beginning price, and some functions. But much remains unknown. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has detailed this innovative gizmo. Supposedly, he learned this.

A smart crank tightens the Vision Pro’s headband, which rests on your nose with the display. Apple showed journalists and others with an overhead band. That band is controversial since Apple hasn’t decided whether to include it in the Vision Pro’s box. Though the headset seems well-balanced, I hope Apple adds it.

Gurman thinks the strap’s design is incomplete. The press sample’s lightweight, adjustable, Velcro-fastened material felt like the Apple Watch Sport Loop. Apple discovered during the device’s testing that some people with smaller heads and bodies would find it challenging to wear the headset for longer than 30 minutes, he added. Apple has added a second head strap to fix that. Designing that accessory.

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Even though the first session lasted 30 minutes and the Vision Pro wasn’t heavy, maybe the second strap helped. Apple said it will launch in the US early in 2024. Thus, Gurman’s overseas sales figures may be inaccurate. He asserted that “Apple said it would make the headset available in other countries at the end of 2024.”The company is considering the UK and Canada as its initial global markets, followed by Asia and Europe, according to unnamed sources. 

No decision is finalized made. People say Apple engineers are localizing the device for France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. I’m glad the U.K. may follow, but I hope it occurs sooner than next year.

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