‘Among Us VR’ trailer launch and player view by Meta Quest 2 says it all

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 (Credit: Meta Quest)

When the trailer for Among Us launched for meta quest 2, it received positive feedback from the gaming community. Looking at the trailer, we can see the efforts that the developers put into bringing this game to VR.

Among Us, was a game title that probably got into the limelight during the Covid-19 lockdown era. The game just boosted up in terms of the number of players and its talk on all the social media platforms among gamers and all the neutral audiences as well, which aren’t considered to be avid gamers in a true sense.

The game became a hit and of course, the gamers that wanted to enjoy this fun online game with their friends on their VR systems felt left out. But fortunately, the developers heard the gamers and they have developed the game or we can even say that they ported the game to the meta quest 2 VR system as well.

Gamers were concerned about how the game will turn out to be and look at the meta quest 2. But the smooth animations and the crisp graphics that the trailer displayed made all those who were waiting for the showcase, very happy indeed.

The original game for the other platforms, as played by many around the world was 2D. So, the sudden shift from 2D to VR is too good. Some gamers were worried about whether the VR title will hold the same feel as the original 2D version and of course, after the trailer, it was seen that the developers indeed made sure to keep the overall ambiance of the original intact in the meta-quest 2 titles as well.

Among Us, on the meta quest, 2 is going to be a treat for all the people wanting to enjoy it in an immersive manner online with their family or friends.

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