What are 2D NFTs? 2D NFTs are JPEGs, PNGs, and similar formats of content in general. And these are easy to create, replicate, share or buy. Whereas, 3D NFTs are the other way around. And these require high skills to develop and execute, bringing huge productivity.

Let’s look into the difference between 2D and 3D NFTs. And understand why 3D NFTs are more valuable than 2D NFTs:

Elements2D NFTs3D NFTs
Creation Process:Easy to CreateRequires More Time & Effort
Utility Rate:Low-Med (Limited to Real World & Somewhat in Metaverse)High (Extremely Usable In Metaverse & Beneficial In Real World Too)
Use Case:Memberships, Shopping (In Real + Meta World), Celebrity Meet-Up, Networking, Brand Ambassador Opportunities, etc. Metaverse Games (+In Real), In-Meta Movies, Events, Metahuman Avatars, Live-Meetings, and more.
Business Perspective: On 3D Purchases, You May Get All Facilities Included in 2D; including Memberships, Shopping, Meet-Ups, Marketing Partnerships, Networking, etc.
NFT Value Range:From 0.01 Eth ($30 USD)Starting From 0.2 Eth ($500 USD) to 200 Eths ($500,000) & Above
Benefits:Singular to Multiple BenefitsMultiple to Infinite Benefits
Basic Hiring Cost Of An Artist:Between $20 to $200 for Each PieceBetween $100 to $2500 Each Piece
Creativity In Mass:2D NFTs In Bulk/Collection Of 1K to 10K Will Result in ProfitableEven a Single 3D NFT Could Bring In Huge Profitability
Replication:Easy To Replicate and Transform 10 Items Into 10K Items With Minute Changes.Uneasy To Replicate. It Forms a Unique 3D Identity or Avatar That Can Still Be Successful.
Floor Price:Generally, Floor Price Starts From Low Eth 0.01For Well Finished and Rigged 3D Items, The Floor Price Could Start From 1 Eth ($2800 USD)
After-Buying Work Load:No to Low (As you can’t make changes to Jpegs or PNGs much, If made, the identity may disappear)Varying of the Project, whether being used in the Games, Events, or Movies within Metaverse.
3D NFT vs 2D NFT

Why People Are Attracted Towards 2D NFTs In The Initial Wave?

Initially, people did get attracted to images and collectibles because they were offering digital ownership of the item. The buyers literally didn’t care about what this particular NFT is bringing to the table.

As of now, the buyers have become smarter than before, they are seeking the utility behind buying an NFT, instead of randomly buying anything.

When the competition grew, buyers came across bunches of NFTs looking similar. And to get rid of that, they began looking for rarity within the collection.

What else to introduce beyond rarity, as there’s gonna be more competition and replicable NFTs all across the marketplaces?

Then the ‘NFT Contracts’ were introduced.

2D or any such NFTs have a dedicated Contract Underneath which is associated with several businesses.

No matter how ugly the collectible looks that you’ve just bought. If you get a royal membership with a trip to Paris. You’d definitely love to keep the NFT. Because this NFT has come with the VALUE and not just the ugly picture on it.

Simultaneously, businesses have got a huge opportunity to present their NFTs to the market, and convert the audiences into a valuable customer base.

How 3D NFTs Are Going To Lead The NFT Market & Metaverse?

In general, 3D NFTs are of High Utility. They have the potential to carry advantages associated with both businesses in the real world, and the Metaverse too.

As said, 3D NFTs are more valuable, they basically come with the ‘Dual Benefits’ to invest for.

Business Perspective

Big brand viz. Amazon, Adidas, Gucci, and many, others have been planning to introduce their NFTs in the first place. This does not mean, that only bigger brands could do it. When you’re owning a small business, you could too introduce your own NFT by associating or collaborating with other businesses or professionals to benefit your NFT buyers.

Just think, why would someone buy your NFT for no reason, when you’ve got no recognition, no trust in the market, being a newbie.

In order to make your NFT worth it, you’ve got to offer something that other businesses aren’t offering yet.

Now, what these could be?

Here, are some NFT benefits for a clothing business to offer:

  • Access trendy designer collections to NFT holders before launching in the market.
  • Festival Gifts – Sending over presents to the first 10 holders for the 2 years.
  • Holders to place a custom designer offer in the first year.

The benefits you could provide are countless.

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Metaverse Perspective 3D NFTs

There are unimaginable use cases of 3D NFTs in the Metaverse. Be it playing live Meta Games or attending a Sports event with your very own 3D Avatar.

Be it watching movies in the metaverse or taking a virtual tour.

3D NFTs have countless advantages in both verses.

It won’t be long before OTT platforms such as Netflix and Prime would be releasing their Metaversal Movies for the subscribers.

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3D NFTs Are More Valuable: Recommend Some 3D NFTs To Invest In

For the specification, these are the best 2 examples of 2D & 3D NFTs:

  • RTFKT (2D)

RTFKT has got a huge amount of success even with a single 3D item. There have been thousands of owners as the flippers blindly trusted the project. The potential of the 3D project was and still is huge.

  • Ruler Maker (3D NFTs)

RulerMaker seems to be the upcoming project that is going to grow massive compared to all other 3D projects currently in the marketplace. This NFT owner has been creating lucrative 3D Realistic Human Characters that would not only profit you & your business but your generations. It has a high-utility rate in the metaverse with utmost rarity. This has something to do with both verses, meta and the real. All the 3D NFT items by RulerMaker are rigged and metaverse ready. You can use them in your Virtual reality, Augmented reality, metaverse Games, and Meta-verse Animation Movies too. Moreover, you can generate your very own 3D rigged identity as an Avatar.

Take On 2D and Other NFTs

If 3D NFTs are more valuable than 2D and other NFTs, should one stop dealing in with other NFTs?

No! If one being an NFT creator, holder, or collector, gets a profit from current NFTs; you should not stop dealing with those.

Both the NFTs have their own pros and cons, if one is extremely useful, does not mean the other is lesser.

Even in the era of 3D and virtual reality, people still appreciate hand painting and artists too. No matter how the world is going to transform with the new Web 0.3 technology. Still, there would be millions who’d love to stick to the nature of traditional human arts.

Maybe for a Barbershop, a basic collectible or 2D NFT will bring in more value and money, than any 3D NFT. As the latter one has nothing to do with a salon. However, The Jpegs and utility collectibles have the potential to bring in more business to a barber, comparatively.

To suggest, keep on exploring the marketplaces, and evaluate what’s better for you and your businesses.

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