10 PSVR2 games, New Trailers, Release Dates & More!

10 PSVR2 games

Get ready to dive into the heart-pounding action as PSVR2 Without Parole brings you the latest and greatest updates from the virtual reality world. In this week’s episode of “PSVR2 THIS WEEK,” we’re unveiling a lineup that’s bound to blow your mind! 

Crossfire Sierra Squad: Lead Your Elite Team to Victory!

The charming presenter from PSVR2 Without Parole adds that “Operation control clears you for engagement.” Prepare yourself for *Crossfire Sierra Squad*, an immersive experience unlike any other. Take on the role of the brave commander in a never-ending battle with the Rival Blacklist organization for the truth and triumph. Take part in high-stakes combat both inside and out to establish your leadership credentials. The host welcomes you and declares, “This is where legends are born!” preparing you for the ultimate VR experience.

B99 Overclocked: A Trip to the 1980s Reimagined

“Go back in time to the thrilling 1980s!” The presenter of PSVR2 Without Parole makes a joyful announcement. On September 1st, the roguelite shooter B99 Overclocked will launch worldwide. This game is ready to provide an outstanding gaming experience after a long, anxious wait. Prepare to go out on a trek over neon-lit terrain, equipped with a variety of potent weaponry.

The presenter exhorts, “It’s time to crank up the nostalgia and embrace the future of gaming!”

The Seventh Guest: A Haunting Tale Reimagined in VR

The presenter promises, “Get ready for a spine-chilling journey into the unknown.” You’ll experience chills down your spine as you explore an ominous home and solve its eerie secrets in the classic VR game The Seventh Guest. This revamp is scheduled to debut on October 19th and features evocative narrative and cutting-edge VR technology.

The presenter teases, “Step into the shadows and prepare yourself for a tale of intrigue and suspense.”

Vertigo 2: Dive into a Universe of Adventure

The presenter exclaims, “Gear up for a mind-bending adventure like no other!” A 10-hour single-player campaign in Vertigo 2 is promised, with extraterrestrial opponents, Android security troops, and branching routes. This game is a requirement-play for every VR fan since it features new characters, weapons, and adversaries. Make a note of October 24 on your calendars and get ready to explore the quantum reactors inside. The presenter exclaims, “The universe awaits your exploration!”

Bulletstorm VR: Unleash Mayhem in VR

The presenter exclaims, “Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled blast from the past!” You are thrust into the world of Bulletstorm VR, an abandoned resort planet where you must survive and exact retribution. Prepare to unleash anarchy in your pursuit of justice as the release date of December 14 approaches. The presenter exhorts, “Step into Grayson Hunt’s shoes and let the bullets fly!”

Madison VR: A Terrifying Escape Room Adventure

The presenter forewarns, “Get ready to be terrified in ways you’ve never imagined!” A spine-tingling escape room puzzle experience with interactive gaming is promised by Madison VR. The trailers suggest an October release even though an official release date has not yet been determined. The presenter questions, “Can you survive the horrors that await?”

Pixel Reef’s Paper Beast: An Enigmatic VR Experience

The presenter teases, “Unravel the mysteries of an undiscovered world!” While the formal announcement is still awaited, Pixel Reef’s Paper Beast is now available on the PlayStation Store in the PSVR2 category. Prepare to go to a new frontier as you explore this mysterious and alluring VR adventure.

HellSweeper: Embark on a Co-op Roguelite Adventure

The presenter exclaims, “Team up for an unforgettable co-op journey through hell!” On September 21st, HellSweeper will launch on PSVR2, offering a richer and more immersive gaming experience. This game is going to redefine what the depths of hell are like with its roguelite components and cross-platform co-op. The presenter exhorts, “Grab your partner and prepare to conquer the inferno!”

Max Mustard: Platforming Fun with a Twist

The presenter says, “Get ready for an epic platforming adventure like no other!” More than 40 levels, 4 monsters, and more than 4 hours of engrossing gameplay are included in Max Mustard. Even though a precise release date has not yet been specified, it is obvious that this game will soon be available on PSVR2. The presenter exclaims, “Get ready to jump, dash, and overcome every challenge!”

Bass Travel Games: Multiplayer Mayhem Awaits

The presenter teases, “Get ready for an intense multiplayer showdown!” While the specifics are still a secret, Bass Travel Games plans to introduce an intriguing multiplayer game in September. Participate in the speculation by leaving a comment with your ideas!

We are avid PSVR2 users, so the thrill never wanes. The virtual world is teeming with fresh experiences, from nail-biting shooters to terrifying expeditions. Additionally, be sure to attend the Professor’s weekly multiplayer gatherings on the PSVR2 Without Parole Discord. It’s time to collaborate, interact, and prevail!

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