10 Free Games for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest 3 Users

Free Games for Oculus Quest 2

In an unprecedented gaming revelation, BMFVR, the visionary behind groundbreaking VR experiences, has just dropped a monumental update that has the gaming community buzzing. Get ready to supercharge your VR adventure with the “BMFVR Mega Update: The Ultimate Free Quest Games List!” This colossal announcement showcases a handpicked selection of the most exhilarating free games for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest 3 users.

Here’s a sneak peek into the thrilling new additions:

1. Population: One

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping showdown in this acclaimed Battle Royale game, now available for free. Conquer towering skyscrapers, glide across expansive fields, and seize victory with in-app purchases that enhance your arsenal.

2. Cards and Tankers

Unleash your strategic prowess in this TCG-style game. Build powerful decks, challenge opponents online, and collect captivating cards within a thriving community of fellow players.

3. Dead Hook – The Terra Part Update

Brace for a wild ride with new weapons, Elite enemies, and revolutionary melee combat mechanics. Tear through enemies in this story-driven Roguelike shooter, and don’t miss out on the exclusive giveaway with enticing prizes.

4. Republic VR

Immerse yourself in an exceptional single-player experience. Navigate a captivating narrative from a unique third-person perspective, guided by an outstanding voice cast including David Hayter and Jennifer Hale.

5. Forever Cornhole – Free Relaxation Redefined

Play a modernized game of Forever Cornhole to relax. Play this peaceful version of bean bag throw in a welcoming multiplayer atmosphere with customisable skins.

6. Super Rumble in Horizon Worlds

Dive into Horizon Worlds’ action-packed Super Rumble universe. Battle in frantic matches that exceed the limitations of the platform for an exhilarating adventure unlike any other.

7. Bait – Dive Into Adventure

Take a fishing trip like no other by going online. With new DLC and multiplayer co-op features, Bait is the go-to retreat for fishing aficionados because to its endearing graphics and compelling gameplay.

8. Timex – Sports Mech Unleashed

Timex’s intriguing combination of sports and mech action will help you improve your gameplay. This game, which combines aspects of Rocket League and foosball, promises fierce contests and nonstop amusement.

9. Gorilla Tag – Join the Sensation

Gorilla Tag is a fast-paced virtual phenomena that you may enter to experience. Take part in thrilling tag matches, but be careful to avoid awkward meetings on public servers.

10. Gym Class – Slam Dunk into Fun

Improve your basketball abilities with Gym Class. Play tense online matches, open new courts, and enjoy the thrill of a dynamic cooperation with the NBA.

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